Keynote Interview Victoria Campoamor

The Non Commercial Challenges of Digital Licensing

Keynote Interview Victoria Campoamor

International Program in englishFriday 6.10.Raide 5 / 10:00 - 10:45

Interview by : Riku Pääkkönen (Ranka Kustannus, ex-Spinefarm)

In a world where consumption of music is instant and billions of transactions happen every second, it’s very critical to ensure that royalty payments flow through to rightholders fast, efficiently and accurately. It's not just about negotiating the right commercial terms, we need to work together to ensure the flow of royalties is also right. How can we do that? Come & hear the views about this extremely important topic straight from the core of You T​ube & Google Play, by Victoria Campoamor who’s the Head of International Music Publishing Partner Operations there. She’s interviewed by a finnish music business legend Riku Pääkkönen (ex-Spinefarm, Ranka Kustannus).