A sneak peek to Music & Media seminar program planning

We’re right in the middle of our timeline, exactly 6 months into planning Music & Media. In the past 180 meetings, plenty of opinions, ideas, hopes and wishes were gathered for our seminar program of the 30th year anniversary edition.


This is a great moment to outline them for everyone’s view, so here’s my take from all my music industry interactions thus far.

Duly noted!
  • Music & Media is a crucial networking and discussion platform for the Finnish music industry and therefore has the role to make an evergreen effort to gather a precise representation of the Finnish music industry under its roof.
  • It is useful and exciting to listen to inspirational keynotes and interviews of people who have amazing stories to share.
  • Introducing new faces, new ideas and new sounds that will challenge the established ones and vice versa is the way to be progressive and sustainable in our industry.
  • Attracting buyers from new potential markets and clients for the music is a crucial role of Music & Media.
  • Artists, songwriters and musicians are at the core of our business and the discussions and networking in the Music & Media platform would be significantly enriched with their participation.
  • Music & Media has the role to be a forerunner in highlighting the practices and discussions on the transformative industry in the fields of sustainability and inclusivity.
  • Music & Media provides a “home field advantage” for Finnish music industry, therefore it is essential to enhance the practices and connections to attract the relevant international professionals to Tampere.
  • Nordics are now very good at exporting outside of the Nordics. It would be great to discuss and design projects that will serve to enhance the network within the Nordics.


Tell me something I don’t know

The goal of the seminar program is to provide that mind-blower, thought-trigger moment, idea or sound to lighten up an unforeseen path in our life and business, whether or not it may or may not be right there in front of us. As we wrap up the 30 years of history at Music & Media seminars, we will be building a future with fresh, open and collaborative attitude.

In the light of all recent conversations, we are designing keynote presentations, interviews and panel discussions with those whom we admire from both business and creative fields. We will challenge our speakers to bring their most exciting success stories and most devastating failure stories from their professional lives. We will invite new faces to the ongoing discussions. We will observe similar markets together and hear exciting case stories.


Seminar topics will include and not be limited to:
    • Brilliant minds and overwhelming obstacles behind leadership, strategy and management practices,
    • Ongoing transformative use of technology, trend updates based on research and opportunities in data management,
    • Everchanging marketing and sales trends, audience development, partnership ideas and tips,
    • Blooming export practices, brilliant stories from the past and forecasting the future of Finnish music expansion,
    • Highlighting up-and-coming talent and their fresh views in creative and business field,
    • Music’s power to spread the messages for sustainability, inclusivity – but embracing the attitude as a community first,
    • Music’s relationship with politics and society,
    • Continuing the ongoing sync practices and creating opportunities for great matches within and outside of Finland,
    • Discussing Nordics as a united market.


The plan is to create active seminar content with great moderation and storytelling, in a way that displays topics in basic and advanced levels with the contribution from a diverse set of participants.

And last but not least, this is a work in progress. We still have 6 more months to listen, learn and react and that’s what we will do! Do you see anything crucial missing? Do contact me at elif.tahtinen@musiikkimedia.fi and let’s discuss!


April 3rd is the very last day of Super Early Bird campaign. Make sure to visit musiikkimedia.fi and get your ticket to Music & Media’s 30th year edition!