Good coffee, what a great excuse!

During this spring, we are teaming up with Johan & Nyström and take over their meeting space to host a total of seven mini-gatherings for music professionals to discuss select hot topics in the industry. The primary goal is to offer a casual atmosphere to connect and start discussing matters that we wouldn’t gather to do otherwise. The meetings also aim to gather expert insights that will shape Music & Media content, as well as introduce Music & Media to more industry people and vice versa.

The topics are pre-defined broadly and the people participating will lead the discussion towards its right direction. Topics will include:

  • Bringing young talent forward
  • Music & innovation in Finland
  • Digital marketing & data
  • Networks in live sector
  • Finnish music export
  • Media, audio & music
  • Leading for creativity

Music & Media’s morning coffee will take place @ Johan & Nyström on Wednesday mornings during April and May. Each meeting will be closed to audience, and has up to 5 seat capacity. If you’re interested in participating our morning coffee sessions, we still have a few seats open – drop an e-mail at for more information.


Photo: Miikka Varila