Lost in music announces its first performances

Music & Media’s sibling new music festival, Lost in Music presents 100 artists and bands from Finland and abroad this year. The highlight club festival includes performances of JVG, Poets of the Fall, Pariisin Kevät, Irina and Maustetytöt along with an exciting participation from Danish new heavy music, presented by Denmark’s Prime Collective: Siamese, Helhorse, Aphyxion and one more surprise name still to be announced.

Tullikamari’s Pakkahuone will gather the biggest crowd of the festival among all of the other clubs. The main concert performers at Pakkahuone are Pariisin Kevät, who are to release their new album Reuna in August; JVG, who will celebrate their Rata/Raitti album release in June and finally, Poets of the Fall, who just surprised us with their recent single in French.

Interesting Finnish performers also include Maustetytöt, a duo that has aroused a lot of interest rather quickly, the up-and-coming Finnish roots music band Iron Country Sisters, a heavy metal group Oceanhoarse led by guitarist Ben Varon and a gutsy singer-songwriter Viitasen Piia whose album is due this November. Stay tuned for the rest of the concert schedules and tickets announcements during late summer.

Lost in Music is Finland’s largest club festival and Tampere’s highlight of the autumn, bringing its versatile music experience to Tampere for the 13th time in October. Many exciting names of live music will take over the Tampere stages on 2-5. October 2019. Music & Media delegates have free access to all Lost in Music performances.


Take a look at the first batch of announcements of Lost in Music 2019:

JVG, Poets of the Fall, Pariisin Kevät, Irina, Maustetytöt, Siamese (DEN), Helhorse (DEN), Aphyxion (DEN), Tuuletar, Fear of Domination, Dallas Kalevala, Felix Zenger, Olivera, Block Buster, Antti Autio, Iron Country Sisters, Viitasen Piia, Lac Belot, Temple Balls, Holmala, Oceanhoarse, Linkopii, Luukas Oja, Hämärä


More info on www.lostinmusic.fi