Music & Media and Lost in Music have signed the Keychange pledge

Finland’s leading music industry gathering Music & Media, together with its new music festival Lost in Music, have joined the 200+ international music festivals, industry gatherings and organisations in a conjoined mission of promoting the gender balance representation in the industry. This means up to 50 % single gender representation in both Music & Media and Lost in Music programs by the year 2022.

Keychange Founder and PRS Foundation CEO Vanessa Reed welcomes Music & Media and Lost in Music to be part of the continuously increasing crowd.

– I’m delighted that Music & Media has joined in with the Keychange pledge to promote gender equality in Finland, joining a worldwide network of hundreds of festivals, concert halls, orchestras and record labels. It’s really encouraging that major music organisations and independent companies are demonstrating their commitment to gender equality, which will increase choice, quality and opportunity for future generations of music lovers, industry professionals, music creators and artists, Reed says.

In order to tackle the scarce representation and lower income of women and other genders in the music industry in European countries, Keychange was initiated in 2017 as a European talent development programme for emerging artists and innovators led by PRS Foundation. Initially targeting the festivals and music conferences, the initiative swiftly turned into a movement for positive change with an immense support from the industry in and outside of Europe.

As of today, Keychange pledge is open to any music organisations who want to take positive action towards gender parity in music including conservatoires, orchestras, broadcasters, concert halls, agents, labels, and venues. Festivals, conferences and organisations who join the Keychange pledge demonstrate their serious commitment towards the 50:50 gender balance goal.


Starting the next 30 years with a new view

Music & Media and Lost in Music’s Keychange promise is not only about booking a gender-balanced conference and festival program, but also about promoting Keychange’s mission and values within the industry which we’re a part of. Music & Media’s CEO Elif Tähtinen is proud to be a part of Keychange.

– We’re excited to join such powerful network of future-minded organisations. As Music & Media, our goal has been to create a fruitful industry dialogue, and we believe it is only possible through a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all gender, ethnicity, age and opinion. Setting our minds to the common Keychange gender balance goal will truly strengthen our equality and inclusivity mission and efforts and that is a truly great 30th anniversary gift to all Music & Media friends, Tähtinen says.

Showcase festival Lost in Music, which is a part of Music & Media, shares the same values and enthusiasm. Lost in Music promoter Rowan Rafferty notes Lost in Music Festival has always been about the music and the people attending the event.

– We are extremely proud to be a part of Keychange and in doing so, making sure we serve our audience an equal, versatile, sex-neutral and multicultural lineup that they deserve, Rafferty says.

And there is certainly work to do. In 2018, Music & Media had 57 % men and only 43 % women and other gender representation in its program. For Lost in Music, the balance was 59 % – 41 %. We are rolling up the sleeves and eager to start collaborating with Keychange for promoting inclusivity towards people from all genders in our coming editions – starting now!

You can find more information on Keychange’s official website here. List of all new organisations committing to the pledge can be found here.


Photo: Nikke Sillanpää