Is This It vol. 2 – Keychange: Next Steps Towards Gender Equality

We’re happy to announce that our inclusivity partner Keychange will be hosting our second Is This It session with the participation of experts from international music and live entertainment organisations.

Keychange is an international campaign which invests in emerging talent whilst encouraging music festivals, orchestras, conservatoires, broadcasters, concert halls, agents, record labels and all music organisations to sign up to a 50:50 gender balance pledge by 2022. Music & Media and Lost in Music signed the pledge earlier this year.

In this session Keychange’s outreach coordinator Francine Gorman will present the latest updates from the Keychange initiative, before participants join roundtable conversations to discuss ideas and next steps around the topic of reaching gender parity throughout all sectors of the music industry.

The roundtable discussions will be hosted and moderated by the participation of diverse experts from music and entertainment fields:

Aleksi Malmberg (Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra)
Annika Oksanen (Live Nation)
Diane Quinn (Cirque du Soleil)
Hanne Kautto (YleX)
Katja Vauhkonen (Fullsteam Management / Fullsteam Agency)
Francine Gorman (Keychange / Ja Ja Ja)

What is Is This It? 

Is This It is an interactive form seminar & workshop which brings expertise, networking and co-creation into one place. The idea is adopted from a short lived but amazing Finnish music industry gathering called Is This It, lucky ones who have attended the event put together by Musex (currently Music Finland) may remember.

One hour’s session includes an insightful keynote lecture by Francine Gorman, roundtable discussions in English hosted by industry experts, directed by predefined questions, and a presentation of discussions by the roundtable hosts.

How can I join?

The session is open to all Music & Media Basic, Gold and Student pass holders. The non-binding registration can be made here.

The other Is This It session of our 30th Anniversary Edition is hosted by our partner The session, held in Finnish, will concentrate on storytelling in marketing. You can find more info and register here.

The whole seminar program can be found here.