Welcome to the 30th anniversary edition of Music & Media!

Today and tomorrow we’re back in Tampere to wrap up yet another great year full of music. And this year, it will be for the honour of three decades this gathering has been present. The occasion is not only special because of the age of the event, but because of the many decades that the event has witnessed, which formed a community and demonstrates only advancement.

So welcome back! What is awaiting you is two days of networking & insights presented in its new home by its new team.

This year’s seminar program is designed to offer new perspectives to lay the ground for change in the coming years. We will be trying out new seminar formats, new topics and new genre conversations with representation that joins the Music & Media stage for the first time.

In order to realise this aim and rejuvenate our program, we are presenting multiple case-focused panels and interviews where experts offer deeper insight. We are introducing brand new seminar series welcoming classical and arts music sector for the first time in our history. We are relaunching the Is This It concept, an old-new form of interactive seminar & workshop session which boosts networking and co-creation.

Together with the City of Tampere and Tampere Hall, we are opening Finland’s first international walk of fame Tähtikatu and kicking off a brand new tradition of celebrating the legendary artists and music professionals from Finland, along with our brilliant Tampere Music Award winners.

We hope the two days will be mind-blowing, cosy, fun and that all our delegates will remain happy and hydrated. It is a privilege to have a vast amount of expertise on board. For those unable to attend the event, we advice you to follow us on social media in order to stay tuned on the seminars, discussions and Industry Awards on Friday.

We wish you the most fruitful Music & Media yet!

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