Introducing Lost in Music’s new promoter: Pietu Sepponen 

Music & Media is thrilled to welcome Pietu Sepponen from Sunborn Live as the new promoter of Lost in Music! Pietu is responsible for the Lost in Music 2020 music programming as of today.

Pietu works as a promoter at the Turku-based event production company Sunborn Live and has been responsible for most of its bookings since autumn 2017. Pietu & co have launched the Kesärauha festival in 2019, which sold out its first edition, and are expecting yet another great year for 2020. Previously, Pietu worked as the program director at Dynamo Club and Bar Kuka, as well as an agent at the Tampere-based GAEA Booking. Pietu started his music career playing in bands such as Painikerho and Kiveskives, the latter of which performed at Lost in Music.

– I experienced Lost in Music as a festival goer, as an artist, as well as a music industry professional over the years, which I believe gives me a highly comprehensive understanding of the nature of the festival. Being appointed as the head promoter of Lost in Music feels glorious and I am extremely excited about the future, Pietu says.

Music & Media CEO Elif Tähtinen is delighted that this year’s festival is in good, young, and ambitious hands:

– Pietu has already proven that he excels at curating exciting line-ups and creating successful festival experiences which promotes new music in the core. It has been inspiring to start working with him, as he is full of courageous and creative ideas on making Lost in Music more intriguing and also better connected to Music & Media, comments Elif.

Pietu is a cultural producer by education. Despite his current title as a promoter, he follows the heart of the producer and is often driven to other areas of production and involved in event marketing. Starting from Lost in Music 2020, he aims at creating a festival that serves for the festival goers, artists, local and international delegates of Music & Media.

– To accomplish such an extensive goal requires a close, collaborative spirit from me and the music industry, which I strive to cultivate, Pietu points out.

Lost in Music festival is Finland’s largest club festival, presenting new music to music lovers and professionals alike. The festival attracts 8,000 festival goers each year to the venues of central Tampere. Lost in Music is the sibling event to Music & Media. Music & Media delegates have free access to gigs with their delegate pass.

Lost in Music Tampere 7-10.10.2020. 


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