On our way to Music & Media webinar series to be launched in June

Current challenges that the music industry is facing have been pushing the industry to re-imagine our everyday work. Following a spring with no cultural events and encounters with music fans, the music industry is working hard in order to innovate safe ways to bring music and fans together and there is a lot to do.

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” has been the attitude of the music industry for the last few months. Music & Media 2020 edition is scheduled for October 8-9, but prior to that, we are in dire need to get together and look into the situation in hand more collectively. In order to address this need, we’re launching “On our way to Music & Media” webinar series to check the pulse of the live music sector and ideate on how the future can be safe and sustainable.

The first three confirmed sessions are going to be organised in cooperation with partners Music Finland and LiveFIN and also ideated together with the upcoming umbrella organisation, representing the entire event industry, Tapahtumateollisuus. The sessions collectively will focus on the current and upcoming status of the live music industry and discuss the current state in Finland and Europe, along with successful examples, threads and opportunities that the future lays for us.

Two of the sessions will be held in English.


June 11, Thursday 14.00–16.00 

Musiikki & Media & LiveFIN esittävät: Tapahtuman turvallinen järjestäminen muuttuneessa tilanteessa (in Finnish). Register here.


June 17, Wednesday 14.00–16.00 (EEST) (11.00–13.00 GMT)

Music & Media & Music Finland present: Where do we go now – Finland and Europe

Sharing information and discussing the near future in the live music sector at large in mid-covid-19 situation. How do actors cope, and what are the best practices to go forward? We hear from live industry professionals from different countries in Europe.

Discussion moderated by Riku Salomaa, Head of International at Music Finland. This session is held in English. Register here.


August 20, Thursday 14.00–16.00 (EEST) (11.00–13.00 GMT)

Music & Media, Music Finland & LiveFIN present: How do we build the future of the music industry

Music Finland’s Executive Director Kaisa Rönkkö moderates the discussion between music professionals and key authorities about the future of the music industry. This session is held in English. Register here.


Registration for the first published webinars is now open! You can register here.


Those who register will be provided with a link to the Zoom discussion by email, as well as the practical instructions prior to the session. You are welcome to sign up for more than one seminar session.