The music industry globally calls for a pause to consider actions to fight racism. While the problem is as wide as pandemic, the best way to start a change is through oneself. And with the movement following George Floyd murder, we are once again reminded how little one may know about the matter and how difficult it is to look at the issues from a minority’s view point.

Music & Media and Lost in Music, representing Finnish music and its industry, are run by a first generation immigrant. Yet we believe we know so little of all the issues that minorities may face in Finland.

We use today and this week to connect with our community and seek actions towards a positive change.

If you belong to a minority group, we would like to hear your story as an artist, music professional or music lover, and your views on what the solution may be. If you experienced or witnessed an incident during a music event, gathering or meeting, we would like to hear about it, too.

We have prepared a survey, which you can fill in anonymously or share your identity. During Music & Media, we will organise a seminar session to address these stories. From the stories that we are allowed to publish, we will share our picks on our social media channels throughout the week.

Below we listed a few questions that may come up. If there is anything else we forgot to address, you may contact Elif Tähtinen at elif.tahtinen@musiikkimedia.fi. She speaks English.

If you’d like to share your story, visit our survey here.


What is this survey for?

We seek for any level of racism, discrimination and stereotype-based behaviours towards minorities which occurred in the music industry sphere. We are also seeking solutions from the perspective of those who are affected. You or those who are affected may be a music industry professional, artist or a music lover. It can be a first hand experience, or an incident which you have witnessed.

Why are you doing this?

Music&Media and Lost in Music, representing Finnish music and its industry, are run by a first generation immigrant from a muslim country. Yet, as she belongs to only one minority group, we believe we know so little of all the issues. And the best way to find a solution is through giving your best in understanding the issue.

What will happen to my story?

We will go through all the stories internally, so we will get to know a little about your experience.

Our main goal is to discuss solutions based on real stories during Music & Media on October 8-9 in Tampere. Music & Media has been actively addressing inclusivity issues, but we believe that asking direct stories may give our discussions a new and perhaps more constructive perspective.

Also, if you allow us to publish your story, either anonymously or with your identity, we may pick your story to share on our social media.