Introduction: Artist development during Covid-19 era: Ulysses Hüppauff, Tiina Vihtkari, Jason White and Jouni Markkanen

It’s time to introduce our final panel! Music & Media warmly welcomes four music industry experts to discuss a very current topic. Due to the global pandemic, the whole music industry was forced to invent new ideas in order to keep the business running. In this panel, industry heavyweights talk through the best ways and innovations of how to operate and keep the ball rolling despite the pandemic’s effects.


Ulysses Hüppauff started his career in music as a DJ in the early 90s. Since then, he hasworked in promotion, marketing and A&R for indies, as well as for Polygram (later Universal) and Sony Music. Hüppauff started his own management company in 2004, and launched a Label Service in 2012. His company Odyssey Music Network is based in Berlin, Germany.




Tiina Vihtkari is the founder and CEO of Sublime Music Agency Ltd. Founded in 2005, Sublime has specialised in the management, concert production, promotion and touring activities of top Finnish musicians. The Artists include accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, vocal ensemble Rajaton, conductor Jaakko Kuusisto and string quartet Meta4.





The moderator of the panel, Jouni Markkanen is a Finnish metal music industry legend. He has worked as a festival promoter (Tuska Open Air Metal Festival since 1999), promoter, agent and artist manager, nowadays for Amorphis and Lost Society. 






Our third panellist, Jason White works as the general manager at the legendary indie label 4AD. He’s based in London, UK, and has been working at 4AD for over 20 years. Besides his day job, he also works as a manager for a Finnish electro act Detalji. 


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