Introduction: Diversity, inclusion and decision making panel discussion: Aino-Maria Paasivirta, Pay Kolmüs, Melina Korvenkontio and Kabiru Bello

Music & Media 2020 International Day welcomes four fabulous speakers to join the panel discussion Diversity, inclusion and decision making!

When diversity and inclusion targets are incorporated successfully it increases performance for the business, its teams and its roster/line-up. How do the music organisations embrace and materialise the diversity and inclusion targets in Finland and around Europe? How has inclusive and diverse recruitment strategy leadership practices and transparency evolved over time and where should we be heading next?

In this session the diversity and inclusion concepts will be approached from each speakers’ decision making standpoint. Music industry professionals from various backgrounds will share ideas and examples to help construct a 360° view. The short panel session will conclude with small group discussions among the audience where missing pieces and further actions will be analysed.


Aino-Maria Paasivirta is a promoter at Fullsteam Agency, Finland. Paasivirta is working with headline touring and festival shows. She has been booking foreign acts to Provinssi Festival (cap 32,000) together with Fullsteam founder Rauha Kyyrö since 2016. Since becoming a full-time promoter in 2017 after an assistant position, Paasivirta has worked with acts such as Nick Cave, Dermot Kennedy, Hatari. She was shortlisted on IQ’s New Bosses 2018 feature and Nomex’s Top 20 under 30 list 2019, and was awarded promoter of the year at the 2019 Finnish Music & Media Industry Awards. During social distancing she studies Mandarin and is learning to make dumplings. Fullsteam Agency is part of FKP Scorpio group.


Pay Kolmüs has been active in the music and entertainment industry for the past 20 years. She’s been a studio and performing artist, hosted her own radio show and as a DJ, she has released promotional mixtapes for artists. As a known music journalist, she has interviewedartists, DJ’s and producers such as Ice Cube, Jazzanova, Little Dragon, Nas, Ne-Yo, Adrian Younge, Rob Lewis, Hiatus Kaiyote and the Wu-Tang Clan. As well as important industry people like Shanti Das (Silence The Shame), Rob Stone (The Fader) and Nicki Farag (Def Jam). Her resume also includes actors and comedians like Kevin Hart, Charlie Murphy and Romany Malco. Her journalistic experience led to also being a host, moderator, and speaker at several international (music) festivals and conferences such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE Beats / ADE Green) and got her a seat at the Supervisory Board of The Melkweg, one of Amsterdam’s most known music venues. Next to all that, she applies her 20 years of experience in the music & entertainment industry, combined with an MBA in marketing, as an artist consultant, helping new artists and other creative talents strategically brand their name and art. She also manages the business of several artists. 


Melina Korvenkontio is the Producer Manager of Helsinki based management & production house The Fried Music. Melina works across their publishing & management functions overseeing their business affairs matters. The Fried Music operates in conjunction with Scandinavian publishing company Nordic Music Partners. Melina joined the company in 2017 after studying International Music Management in Amsterdam following with an internship for the company. 


As our third panellist we welcome also Kabiru Bello, who is the Head of Asylum Records Sweden and the A&R Director at Warner Music.


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