Time to nominate for Industry Awards 2020 – and a little more!

The year 2020 shall be remembered as a whirlpool of cancellations, postponed events and online gatherings. Despite all that was cancelled, postponed and postponed a few more times, the hard work was there, stronger than ever. Therefore, this is a year our entire industry deserves recognition. We ask for your thoughts, not only for identifying those who should receive a nomination, but also how we can reflect 2020 the best in our awards. 

Through the survey, you can propose your nominees for existing Industry Awards categories, as well as propose new categories for awards that should be given to people or organisations for creating new ideas or innovations, or simply for the bravery of surviving this year. The survey will remain open until December 11th.  

Based on opinions and proposals we receive, we will take a new look at our Industry Awards. We will get back with further news shortly! 

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