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The Music & Media program will address the future of Nordic art music with two discussion panels, on Friday 8.10.


Nordic Festival Forum


What is the future of art music festivals? How has the time during the pandemic affected the planning of festivals or their implementation? What about their profile and concept? The discussion panel focuses on the current situation of the Nordic festivals and the co-operation between them. Is there any or whether co-operation is only an opportunity, that will be emphasized as neighboring areas increase importance in resource, environmental and equality perspectives.


Joining in discussing the matter are Johan Tallgren (Musiikin aika), Minnakaisa Kuivalainen (Tampere Biennale), Anna Berit Asp Christensen (SPØR Festival, DK) and Peter Meanwell (Borealis Festival, NO). The conversation is moderated by Minna Huuskonen.


Touring Nordic compositions


Several new works are composed in the Nordic countries, but they do not always get any new performances after their premiere. How can we get more performances for the compositions and who are the people making the decisions for art music programs? What regulates the curation, and could the Nordic countries co-operate in the circulation of the compositions? The situation is examined by a composer, a conductor, a representative of the contemporary music ensemble and a festival director.


The panel includes composer Antti Auvinen, conductor Christian Karlsen (SE), and Monica Danielson (SE). The discussion is moderated by Osmo Tapio Räihälä.


The Music & Media program addresses a number of major issues affecting the entire music industry, such as the legal status and mental well-being of freelancers, as well as social sustainability in the music industry. In addition, the program addresses key issues in lobbying and influencer communication in the music industry, as well as challenges and solutions for future funding.