Finnish music industry setting up for a bright future

“To bloom and to recognize the sources of revival, the music industry needs to get together. I hope and believe that Music & Media will be the conference and festival of tomorrow’s music and ideas, but also a forum for revival, striving together towards goals because we have a shared field of meanings.

We need to keep in mind that also the revival of the society needs us and our input. After the crisis music can provide the way in which we understand and experience the world around us, and how we perceive ourselves. Music and society have always been intimately related. Music reflects and creates social conditions. It is a power, it is the Therapist, it is the friend, it is the empowerer, and it is the glue that binds us together. Also, it is a driver of economy.

Whether looking at the matter from the perspective of cultural policy or of business policy, we have to stop talking about the ‘music industry’ as if it were something that appears out of nowhere of its own accord. The music industry is generated by the expertise of the people in it. In order to reboot and revitalize the music sector, the first thing to do is to safeguard the basic operating potential for arts and culture at home.

As the world continues to change and reshape, we need to be conscious about different sides of the change: consumer behaviour, digitalization, the dimensions of sustainability and diversity. To be ready to meet the needs of the humankind, we definitely need to take care of ourselves boldly, to make sure that we have the motivation, we are doing well, we care about each other, and we are creating a socially equal and ecologically sustainable music industry. We will also explore how to develop international relations and delve into the positive impact of economy. These will also be the themes we will touch at Music and Media.

I warmly welcome over 800 domestic and international delegates to be together, to talk, to do business, to ventilate, to laugh, to celebrate and to listen to live music.

Welcome to Tampere, dear Friends. Let’s make a world a bit better place.”

Kaisa Rönkkö
Chairman of Music & Media board


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