Music & Media Finland

Music & Media Finland has been the leading conference for Finnish music industry professionals since its founding in 1989. The 29th Music & Media Finland took place October 4-5, 2018 in Tampere, southern Finland.

Music & Media Finland is one of the longest running music conferences in Nordic countries and Europe. Year after year both Finnish and international delegates praise the atmosphere, quality of production and networking possibilities at Music & Media Finland.

M&MF is both for people already working in music business and related industries and for those studying to be music professionals. The event brings together representatives from the fields of recording, production and distribution, events, live shows and the media - in all, over 700 participants from 20 or so countries all looking for new partners and contacts.

Music & Media Finland has become the most important international gateway for Finnish music and a networking hotspot connecting Finnish, Nordic, Baltic and Russian professionals with the global music community.


”Music & Media Finland is better organised than any multiple venue conference I've been to. The bookings made for the seminars were excellent and incredibly varied.”

- Michael Woods (Nomanis Booking, UK)


Networking, establishing new connections, and doing business are at the core of Music & Media Finland. We bring together the most important representatives of the industry, as well as artists, service providers and students. At Music & Media Finland you meet all the Finnish key players and build professional contacts with the local industry. The event is also a crucial meeting point for Nordic, Central European, Baltic and Russian music professionals.


”The passion of the people, the music, and the zest for the evolution of the music industry, all comes together at Music & Media Finland - a must attend event.”

- Cara Sanna (Mercury Communications Group, Canada)


The program of Music & Media Finland consists of seminars, panel discussions and showcase performances. Everything is topped off by the acclaimed Industry Awards Gala.

Throughout the years, the seminars have presented new trends, phenomena and hits to a rapidly growing audience. Previous keynote lectures have featured such names as Seymour Stein (SireRecords), Jonathan Foster (Spotify), Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy), Tommy Ramone (Ramones) and David Fricke (Rolling Stone). In all, the three-day-program includes nearly 60 panel discussions, workshops, keynotes and interviews with an estimated 150 speakers both from Finland and abroad.

Up-and-coming artists are discovered at the Lost In Music showcase festival, held annually as a part of Music & Media Finland. Lost In Music festival showcases Finland's established acts as well as intriguing new groups, with genres ranging from indie to pop, rock, hip hop and metal. Lost In Music is a music export platform mainly for Finnish talent but each year a selection of international acts, e.g. from Russia and Baltic countries, are included in the mix.


”Music & Media Finland provided unparalleled access to world-class talent that is both relevant and ready for licensing and branding possibilities.”

- David Hayman (Supersonic Creative, Canada)


Held on Friday October 5, the Industry Awards Gala was a celebration dedicated to the year's most successful Finnish professionals. The high point of the gala was the Tampere Music Award presented in collaboration with the City of Tampere. The award was handed out for the 7th time, and it is to honor a person, a business, an organization or an idea that has greatly influenced the music industry. This years winner is Anna Hildur.

Tampere is filled with exciting opportunities during Music & Media Finland. Alongside the official seminar program, numerous additional events and receptions are organized during the conference as well.


More information about the City of Tampere on Visit Tampere website