Ulysses Hüppauf

Born 1974, Ulysses started to DJ rock records in the early nineties while still in school.An apprenticeshipat ZYX Music later, Ulysses started in the promotion department at Mercury Records. After stops in promotion and international marketing, he launched a new imprint within Mercury to sign domestic artists.One of the artists he signed was the Finnish heavy-cello quartet Apocalyptica.After surviving the PolyGram /Universal merger and moving with the entire company from Hamburg to Berlin Ulysses moved on and worked for Columbia Records.In 2004 when Sony’s and BMG’s liaison was announced UIysses decided to start a management company instead of going through a second major record company merger. He started to manage Apocalyptica.Over the years he transformed his one-man-show into a management company with a full service infrastructureincl. a publishing company (in cooperation with Universal Music Publishing) and a Label Service with an inhouse marketing team and a worldwide distribution network.